TikTok Trend Revealed How Long Do Short People Live TikTok

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TikTok Trend Revealed How Long Do Short People Live TikTok

"How Long Do Short People Live?" TikTok Trend Takes Over The Internet

As a social media platform, TikTok may have trends or discussions around various topics. It is important to approach such content critically rather than taking it as definitive or scientifically accurate information. Social media trends often focus on humor, personal experiences, or entertainment, and they should not be taken as final information or representative of a broader reality.

In March, a new trend emerged on the internet and gained momentum quickly for it to become a sensation. As many people started to search on Google, "How long do short people live?" it became viral!

This trend gave rise to a question that isn't a question, but the Google results are amusing internet users nonetheless. It has become one of the internet jokes for short people!

Gen Z Tiktokers have a knack for molding the most ordinary things in such a way that would resonate with the broader audience so that they would undoubtedly be found in the top trends.    

The Origin Of "How Long Do Short People Live" TikTok Trend:

This TikTok trend originated when a person accidentally googled "How long do short people live?" instead of "How long do idiots live?"

The Tiktoker was so amused by the answer that he shared it with his short friend. The TikTok video starts with a person googling, "How long do short people live?" The Google results are often photoshopped according to the situation. It makes the videos more relatable and funny.

People then screen-record the results, which are then shared with the short person, and their reactions make it a lot more hilarious!

As more and more people discovered videos related to how long short people live, the views for this TikTok trend increased dramatically.

There are two ends to the reaction spectrum. Some short people vibed with it and gave playful replies, while the others did not seem to take this joke lightly; they were offended.

No matter how many short people are offended, more people are following up on this trend, and the number of searches on Google is increasing daily.

What Is This Trend About?

According to Google, this trend states that short people live for about 10 to 13 years. This time, Google gave a bizarre answer about the lifespan of short people, and it took over TikTok.  The factors of height or skin color don't decide a person's lifespan. But this trend made it look like the person will soon die of his short size.

People add the song Never Forget You by Zara Larsson and MNEK to make this challenge more juicy. It gives the entire TikTok goodbye vibe as if the person will briefly leave the earth.

The 'I'll Never Forget You' Trend Takes Over

People also text the phrase "I'll never forget you" and send it to a friend considered 'short.' It gave rise to another "I'll never forget you" trend that took over the internet and became one of March's biggest memes!

Short people have always been a source of entertainment and laughter worldwide. It's no surprise that social media have always found a way to craft new trends like "short people problems," "short men," "how long do short girls live?" and "shorty" trends that always keep your feed buzzing, giving it a light, buoyant tone.

Wrapping Up

New TikTok trends emerge every day, but some pick up steam at a faster pace. Gen Z Tiktokers worldwide can find humor and fun in things the millennials would never consider. 

Everyone has a short friend; if you have one, tell them you'll never forget them!  

Above all, ensure you pull on this prank respectfully and that the other person won't take it personally. Otherwise, you might end up regretting sending them the text!

By the way, how tall are you!?!

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