Tiktok Soldier Poet King Quiz

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Tiktok Soldier Poet King Quiz

Personality tests have always been intriguing to people. It helps them to get an insight into their personalities and understand themselves better. "Soldier, Poet, King Quiz" is one of the trending TikTok quizzes that has captured the attention of TikTok users worldwide. It is interactive and has successfully become a source of entertainment across the globe.

Do you want to take the quiz?

But before diving into the quiz, read this article to learn about the secrets of this test.

What Is The Soldier Poet King Test?

TikTok is a platform known for its ever-evolving trends and challenges, and new ones emerge frequently. One of the popular trends in 2019 is the "soldier, poet, king" test, which gained popularity in a concise period. Many TikTok users incorporated it in their videos, which made this a viral trend.

Origin Of The Soldier Poet King Test

Soldier Poet King test is a quiz heavily inspired by the song "Soldier, Poet, King" by The Oh Hellos. This band consists of a duo of siblings: Tyler and Maggie Heath. They are an American indie folk band that released eight albums between 2013 and 2020, including "Through the Deep, Dark Valley," "Dear Wormwood," "Boreas," "Notos," etc.

When Was Soldier Poet King Released?

The song "Soldier, Poet, King" was released in the album Dear Wormwood on October 16th, 2015. It became viral between 2018 and 2019.

What Genre Of Music Is Soldier Poet King?

The genre is folk/indie rock. It grips the listener with its beautiful chorus.

"Oh lei, oh lai, oh lei, oh lai, oh."

What Is The Song Soldier Poet King About?


Songs are so versatile that when people hear them, they depict and understand them through their perspectives. People have different takes on the song, and we will give you the best insight into this song in this article.

The first verse talks about a soldier and goes like this;

♫ There will come a soldier        
Who carries a mighty sword        
He will tear your city down ♫

The second verse talks about a poet and goes like this;

♫ There will come a poet            
Whose weapon is His word            
He will slay you with His tongue ♫

The third verse talks about a king and goes like this;

♫ There will come a ruler            
Whose brow is laid in thorn        
Smeared with oil like David's boy ♫

Is Soldier Poet King About Jesus?

One of the most popular interpretations is a biblical one in which they show three sides of the same person, namely, Jesus Christ—depicting him as the savior for all, sent by God. The word 'Lord' in the chorus indicates they are thanking God for the second coming of Christ, as mentioned in the Old Testament, sending him to end all sorts of evil. They are happy and relieved.

The other famous interpretation is derived from 'the oh hellos' themselves. They mentioned that the entire album is about abusive relationships, especially with one's family, including parents!

What Does The Soldier Mean In Soldier Poet King Song?

The soldier is someone who saves the victims from physical abuse through his mighty sword. Soldiers take away the absolute power the abusers have on the prey.

What Does Poet Mean Soldier Poet King Song?

The poet is intelligent and intellectual. he plays with his words and uses them wisely. The power of words is such that they can heal the most traumatized people. Thus, the poet uses his words and a voice that frees people mentally from the shackles of years of abuse.

What Does King Mean In Soldier Poet King Song?

The king is the prime figure. Tough, strong, and, most importantly, loving. They are the people who take all the responsibilities and the pain that comes with it with a smile. Kings show kindness to people who are abused and hurt in unexplainable ways. They fill the void the abusers leave in their prey with warmth and love. Friends who help people when they decide to exit their abusive families, new lovers after abusive exes, an unheralded savior who saves you just before you choose to end your life because you can't take it anymore. All these people are "kings."

Are You A Soldier, Poet, Or King Quiz:

The Oh Hellos song influences the soldier, king, poet quiz trend. User Nour first uploaded this quiz on the website quiz. It is a fun way to learn more about yourself and your capabilities.

This quiz contains 20 questions, each with three options. Most of the questions are metaphorical and poetic. At the end of the test, it'll give you a clear insight into where your personality bends the most, whether it is like a soldier, a poet, or a king.

How To Take The Quiz?

To take the quiz, click on the link below:

What Does Poet Mean In The Quiz?

A poet gives hope to people even though he is lonely, tired, and in pain. He yields the extraordinary power of words that he fails to recognize. He doesn't have faith in himself but tries to convince others that faith, love, and kindness exist in this world. He wants to help people get out of misery. 

"Your love is where you feel - without fear."

What Does It Mean If You Get Soldier On The Soldier, Poet, King Test?

A soldier is strong and driven by passion. He makes his own rules and promises to fight until death. Although he wants to quit, his anger and the inevitable violence that comes with it stop him from leaving.

What Is The Meaning Of King In The Test?

The king takes all his responsibilities dutifully given to him. he is sturdy and robust. He is so immersed in his mission that he feels suffocated. He wants to escape, but who will handle it if he runs?


A soldier, a poet, or a king all hold extraordinary power in peoples' lives. Either they'll use their powers to save people or cause destruction, internal or external. 

It all comes down to the kind of human we are. We all live in this world interconnected, and our fates are intertwined. Our actions have an immense impact on the world around us and the people who live within it. We have the power within ourselves to create change and bring forth revolutions. Nurturing that power and using it wisely is our responsibility. And so it is also our responsibility to act wisely!

Take the quiz and dive into exploring your personality. Find out whether your personality resonates with a king, a poet, or a soldier!

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